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Online security is growing in public attention. Major companies such as Facebook and Google have come under great scrutiny for how they track you and use your personal information. This becomes even more concerning when you look at how a company like Google partners with the U.S., and foreign governments, to collect information.

Aside from tracking and data collection, online criminal can steal your financial and personal information. Imagine sitting at a local coffee shop on the free WiFi only to know that anyone in range of your computer can see and intercept online banking, email, password, and more. It’s a dangerous world out there.

We believe your digital information should be just as protected as your physical items. You wouldn’t let just anyone walk through your front door so why would you let strangers through your computer? Privacy and security go hand in hand and we are here to help. Below are a list of trust products to help protect you, as well as the latest technology blog posts we have assembled regarding digital security.

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Recommended Security Software

Internet Connection

A VPN (virtual private network) is a service that encrypts your internet traffic and
protects your online identity. NordVPN is the best option available, as they do not save your traffic data. Did you know that if left unprotected, many companies will track and collect everything you do online? Even your ISP!


Search Privacy

DuckDuckGo distinguishes itself from other search engines by not profiling its users and by showing all users the same search results for a given search term, and more. DuckDuckGo uses anonymous searching, for its search engine traffic using Tor network and enabling access through an onion service.


Messaging Privacy

Signal messages and calls are always end-to-end encrypted and painstakingly engineered to keep your communication safe. They can’t read your messages or see your calls, and no one else can either. There are no ads, no affiliate marketers, no creepy tracking. Just open technology for a fast, simple, and secure messaging experience. The way it should be.


Our Latest Security Blog Posts