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Douglas Media Group


Digital Marketing Guerrillas ready to help you navigate the online jungle. Based in Wendell, North Carolina, Douglas Media Group works with clients across the country launch comprehensive advertising campaigns that bring longterm success. Here are a few of our marketing plans that help you:


Launch Your Idea

Are you ready to start your small business or nonprofit? We can help you establish branding, a fully-customized website, and a complete plan to manage your online presence.

Target New Customers

You’ve been working hard on creating a quality company, but now you need more customers. We will create a digital marketing plan geared towards your ideal community.

Unlock Your Potential

You’ve got a great product and you’re seeing success, but are you working harder instead of smarter? We consult with businesses to leverage technology to unlock their potential.

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Why Choose Us?

Simply put, we make your life easier. 

Business owners shouldn’t have to work their lives away. We believe in leveraging technology to implement better processes. Our digital marketing plans are comprehensive, easy to understand, and effective.

Our Services Include:

Website Design

Sales Funnel Development

Search Engine Optimization

Business Consulting – Technology Integration

PPC & Online Advertising


Digital Marketing Guerrillas


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In business, things can change quickly. That’s why we work swiftly to pivot with your needs and adapt to your market. This includes emerging technologies.
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No call centers or automated phone lines to navigate. Contact us and you get a real person – email, call, or text. Go to our Contact page to find out more.

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Our news section provides how-to's, product reviews, and more!

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