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A Website is only as good as its hosting.

Have you ever been to a website that just takes forever to load? You probably left pretty quickly. Studies show that for every second it takes a website to load, a percentage of business immediately drops off. The best website in the world can’t bring you new customers if it is unreliable. That’s why we have partnered with the best WordPress website hosting service available.

Our WordPress hosting plans range from your basic, DIY on fast, secure servers all the way up to our white glove treatment. Having us handle the behind the scenes services will give you more time to handle all the new customers coming your way.

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Want to know more about our hosting services? Then keep reading! We don’t hide behind any voodoo here. We bundle our services with amazing hosting so that your site is up for any challenge. It’s time to leave the discount big box options in the past and step things up a notch. The performance, security, and reliability speak for themselves.

Does Better Website Hosting Matter?

Better website hosting absolutely matters. In fact, that’s why we use dedicated WordPress hosting. We’ve tried everything from super cheap shared hosting to GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting, all with very poor results. That’s why, when we our hosting partner, everything changed. For the last three+ years our partnership has helped our client’s websites flourish. You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari with a 4 cylinder – a good site needs a powerhouse under the hood.

SSL Certificate

We won’t get too technical here, but an SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, and that is what gives your website (and visitors) security. All of our hosting plans include an SSL for free. This prevents a lot of hackers and malware, as well as protects your visitors in the same way.

An SSL gives you that secure lock you see on your browser. It has become so important, Google is demoting websites that don’t have one! They are also required for any kind of e-commerce. A lot of hosting tacks this on for an additional monthly charge. Security is so important, it is included with us, in even our smallest plans!

Security & Malware Protection

Digital security breaches are so common these days they almost aren’t even covered in the nightly news. That doesn’t make them ok though. We have seen even the simplest of websites be harassed with malware and security breaches through dreaded shared hosting.

If you site is “hacked” it can take hours, if not days to restore, depending on the site’s complexity and the extent of the breach. Hacks can also infect your website’s users, harming your brand as well as your Google ranking. That’s why our hosting is not only incredibly secure, but it is matched with constant malware scans and automatic removal. (These services are included in the Concierge and Full Service hosting plans).

Cloud Back Ups

We’ve all been there. A major project is due tomorrow and boom, the laptop dies. Right before you saved the latest version, of course. Hopefully you had a saved version somewhere, often times not. The same goes for websites. They need to be securely stored, and frequently, so that any hiccup along the way can easily be reversed.

Our most basic plan includes weekly off-site cloud based back ups, with our upgraded plans including nightly saves of your most valuable information. Customers, orders, and more need to be securely backed up as well as stored, just in case. We’ve got that covered.

Exclusive Hosting Features:

One of the biggest reasons to host your site with us is simple – we are here to work for you. Big box, one-size-fits-all companies will make you wait on the phone for hours, or send confusing explanations or make excuses. Having your site handled by a company you know and trust makes your life easier. Here are a few of the premiere hosting services we offer exclusively to our clients:

The Plugin Pledge

If you’ve handled your own website before, you know that plugins, add-ons, and integrations are constantly being updated. Sometimes they are adding new features, which is awesome. Sometimes they are patching security flaws or pushing out bug fixes. It’s frustrating for you because this can cause pieces of your site to either break, or be susceptible to malware and hackers.

Our Concierge plan takes care of that by automatically updating any free plugins and integrations your site uses. This is done in a methodical way. We backup your website and update one-by-one insuring that nothing goes wrong. It’s a little extra peace of mind for you.

Our Full Service plan takes it one step further and handles updates for all of your plugins, free or premium. Any plugin that we have built your site with will continue to be updated for the life of your plan with us. That’s a typical savings of $80-300 per year for the average client.

The DMG Website Guarantee

We hope Dr. Seuss would be proud of that one. While it’s catchy, it’s really simple. If a plugin breaks your site, hackers get to you despite our best efforts, or any other catastrophe, we have your back. Your site will be restore to pristine shape, as best of our ability, without a single cost to you. This option is available for our Full Service hosting package.

View Our Website Hosting Packages

For those willing to take on their own maintenance!
  • Includes:
  • Wordpress Optimized Server
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Same Day Site Support
    Quick Response
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Weekly Off-Site Cloud Backups
Our Most Popular Option!
  • Includes:
  • Wordpress Optimized Server
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 2 Hour Site Support
    Priority Response
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Daily Off-Site Cloud Backups
  • Site Uptime Monitoring
  • Security & Malware Protection
  • CDN for Blazing Fast Speed
  • Database Optimization
  • Cache & Performance
  • Automatic Free Plugin Updates
Full Service
It's the True White Glove Treatment!
  • Includes:
  • Wordpress Optimized Server
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 2 Hour Site Support +
    24/7 Hosting Support
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Daily Off-Site Cloud Backups
  • Site Uptime Monitoring
  • Security & Malware Protection
  • CDN for Blazing Fast Speed
  • Database Optimization
  • Cache & Performance
  • The Plugin Pledge - All Premium & Paid Plugins Included
  • Quarterly Performance Audits
  • 1 Billable Hour - For Updates, SEO, or Content
  • The DMG Website Guarantee -
    If your site crashes, for any
    reason, we fix it on our dime!

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Website Design FAQ's

What this means is that the server specifications have been tweaked, modified, and optimized for sites running WordPress CMS. Most companies have generic hosting that is a one-size-fits-all approach which more times than not means that your site runs sluggish.

Yes, we certainly do! You should’ve have to worry about that. You also shouldn’t have to pay extra for that, though most hosting companies do that. Our DIY plan backs up your site weekly, while our Concierge and Full Service plans do it nightly.

Oh, and part of our Plugin Pledge is taking a fresh backup before we update anything!

Nope. All of our plans include a free SSL so that your site is https:// secured. If you want to go above and beyond, finding an advanced SSL that offers a financial guarantee (some big e-commerce stores like this!) then we can help you get that setup. We do not charge a fee on top of the advanced SSL fees from their providers.

Once again, absolutely.

We install Google Analytics tracking and reporting on every site. That helps us gauge results for our customers. Want more information on your site? Our Full Service plans include a comprehensive performance report each quarter.