Is Quick Base Right for my Company?

05May, 2020

Finding the right business software can be difficult. There are a bunch of really good options out there for most industries but a one-size-fits-all approach usually doesn’t yield the best results. Software we’ve tried “off the shelf” include Project Management, CRMs, Field Service Software, and Customer Service/Help Ticket solutions. Our clients saw average results until we found the perfect custom software application platform in Quick Base.

Before we jump right into what problems Quick Base helps our clients solve, it’s helpful to get a better idea of why customized software is better than generic options on the market today.

Why Choose Custom Software?

Over the years, we have helped clients find a variety of “off the shelf” options. Some of them are really great products and often geared towards a specific industry or subset. For example, a pressure washing company might use a broader Field Service solution. The problem is that most Field Service Software, for example, is broadly designed for a wide range of specialities. HVAC repair, Plumbers, Electricians, Pressure Washing companies, all fall under Field Service.

But do all of those business specialties really need the same solution? Absolutely not.

What we would always tell our customers is to expect to find an option that covered about 70% of their needs. One product might offer the automation necessary but lack the notification options required. One might give customization of some fields but not others. It was always a balancing act to find the right software to fit their business. On top of that, there would also be 10-20% of the application that was overkill or useless to the company’s workflow.

Creating custom business software eliminates these issues entirely. In fact, it turns the entire process on its head. Instead of trying to fit your business into the software, you get to tailor the application to your business’ needs. Think of it as business performance enhancement – the software gets to augment your existing processes, workflows, and management styles.

That sure beats the option of trying to jam your business into someone else’s idea of how things should work. Custom software is awesome because it allows you to be in the driver’s seat. Create the workflow that works best for your team, product, and customers.

Quick Base Kanban Reporting Tool

So Why Choose Quick Base?

One reason we had steered away from custom business applications (for far too long really) was that they can be incredibly expensive. Creating a complete application from scratch is a huge process that takes a large amount of time, resources, and capital to create. Then you are strapped with updates and bug fixes that are never-ending.

Quick Base is a platform that fixes all of the issues surrounding custom database development and applications. Known as a “low code” platform, we are able to design a custom solution for your business that can be managed by us, or even your own in-house employees. We wouldn’t call it “easy” per se, but it is a platform that allows for even non-technical people to make changes, tweaks, and improvements. That gives you, the business owner, a lot of flexible to control your own platform for years to come.

Quick Base is also a very flexible platform. Project Management? Check. CRM? Check. Human Resources? Check. Inventory Management? Check. Fleet Management? Check. Honestly, the possibilities are endless in what you can create.

Ultimately, it goes back to what we said about making the platform work for your business. It can be customized to match what you are already doing while at the same time augmenting your processes to improve your productivity and profit margins.

Another great aspect is that Quick Base plays very well with other applications you might already be using. With their new offering: Quick Base Pipelines, we can seamlessly integrate your application with a ton of other popular options. These include QuickBooks, MailChimp, Jira, SalesForce, Slack, and more. By creating workflow automation, productivity for our clients jumps remarkably.

Reporting is such a huge factor, it’s getting its own heading. Keep reading!

Quick Base Dashboard Example from Quick Base

Quick Base Dashboards & Reporting

Data is great if you can analyze it. Data is also great if you can aggregate it. However, most companies struggle with one or both of those areas. That leads to a lack of understanding of how the business fundamentally operates. It also generally requires a lot of manpower which is why most businesses struggle with data. There are more important things to pay your employees to do than spreadsheet data entry!

That’s the beauty of Quick Base. By setting up the application to handle all the necessary information your business runs on – the report and analytics are real time. Creating a custom dashboard is an amazing feature that allows you to view any company metrics in a flash. Imagine having your employees run a report, that is completely custom to your company, with the click of a button. Make the data work for you.

Our clients have been astounded at what data can tell them about their business. Since it is so easily accessible in their custom application, they can analyze profit & loss, employee metrics, client habits, and so much more.

Let’s Build a Quick Base App

Ready to get started? Let’s get right to it. We are here to help you build the perfect business application to help you work smarter, not harder. The solution for your business might be a simple app that tracks maintenance on your fleet vehicles. Or it might be a complex app that handles project management, sales, and customer support.

Regardless of your needs, let us know. We are a Certified Quick Base App Builder and would love to work on your project, big or small. To find out a bit more about Quick Base, as well as our Quick Base Consulting, jump over to our page here.

Have questions about Quick Base? Let us know! Reach out via our contact page. (Guess what, our forms have workflow automation!)

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