COVID-19 Small Business Response Resource

Transitioning Your Business Online

We are all living in strange times right now. What was normal just a few weeks ago is now far from it. While there is a lot of uncertainty, we know that small businesses are resilient, innovative, and the backbone of our great nation. It’s our goal to be a resource to you during this time of national crisis so that the impact to our economy  is as minimal as possible.

What does this look like?

In short, we want to help you digitize your business. Technology gives us great tools to continue “business as usual” while in-person contact isn’t allowed. Below you will find some links to great free/low-cost tools to help you immediately. From there, we are here to create a seamless solution that connects all aspects of your business together to better serve your customers and improve your workflow.

During this challenging time we are adjusting our rates and dedicating additional resources to help us all get through this.



Small Business Tools

What We Recommend to Our Clients

Video Conferencing


Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom is by far the cleanest, simplest, yet full-featured video conferencing option we’ve used. Not only can it be used for a traditional online meeting (with video, audio, or by phone) it is great for being able to share your screen. During meetings, this helps you show presentations, explain products, hold webinars, etc. This is the best first step to moving in-person interactions online.

Task Management

Trello Project Management

What is Trello? It’s essentially anything you need it to be. With a free account you can quickly make columns to organize your business and create “cards” with information. Easily drag those cards from column to column, store information, mark as complete as more. We are also able to really supercharge this app for you!


MailChimp Email Platform

We have used a ton of email marketing options out there and keep going back to MailChimp. It is extremely easy to use and has great features even in its free version. You only start to pay when your subscribers grow or you want additional features beyond the basics. This is another integration, like Trello, where we can help you connect all the pieces to really power up your business.

Our Services For You

How we can help you during this new landscape


There are many people right now who have barely, if ever, used digital means to achieve their business goals. We want to make this transition as easy as possible on you. Here are just a few examples of services we offer and how they can help you keep your business going through the pandemic.

Digital Business Services:

  • e-Commerce Websites: with our reallocation of resources, we are prepared to help you have your products online and ready to sell in a matter of days. Our tried and true practices not only convert online shoppers to customers, but our workflow setup makes it easy on you. No experience required!
  • CRM/Customer Service Digitization: We have a lot of experience in helping our clients handle their customers. That includes online support tickets, automated and customized communication, and long distance team collaboration.
  • Team Collaboration: Your staff is all working from how, so how do you make that as productive and seamless as possible? We integrate tools that help your team communicate, take care of customers, and complete successful project management.
  • Digital Marketing: If you’ve never stuck your toe in the digital ocean, now might be the time. While people’s normal patterns have changed, they are now, more than ever, in front of a screen. We can help you reach them.
  • Business Consulting: Not sure how you fit into one of these areas? Let us analyze your business for you. Our extensive list of business consulting services includes data analytics, workflow analysis, human capital management assessment, and more. Now may be the perfect time to take a step back and look at your business so it is healthier in the future.

Even if you’re just the least bit curious, fill out the form below! We would love to help you anyway we can during this time of uncertainty. Communities must band together!